How to prevent customers from saying one thing and doing another

commitment mistakes on the ferris wheel

The Queensland Ekka had arrived! This is a large week long agricultural show held in Brisbane every year. I had made a commitment to take my daughter Lola along with my wife Sam. It was Lola’s first time and needless to say, she was excited. We had seen the ferris wheel going up from outside so naturally this was the first ride we took when we arrived. It was then that I had my first minor heart attack. It cost $25 for the three of us to circle slowly in the air for approximately 8 minutes! It was nice but by the time we got off the ferris wheel ride I was calculating in my head the cost of our visit to the show by the hour. I had been prepared for high prices but now I was sweating! Why is it stressful to say what we will do? We know that if we say we’re going to do something and then don’t do it we will feel bad. We are afraid of being ridiculed, losing something and the uncertainty of what might happen if we fail to deliver. So we typically avoid making a commitment we are not sure … Read More

Are you driving under the influence of fear (and what to do next)?

If you have driven a car for long you are likely to have experienced the fear of being pulled over by the police at least once, most likely many more times than that… The sight of the red and blue lights in your rear view mirror can be intimidating. Imagine you are waved down by a police office just after you have turned a blind corner or driven over the crest of a hill.   How would this feel? Unfortunately this experience is likely to happen to all of us.  We’re not talking about being pulled over for speeding here. Random breath testing is not the most pleasant experience in the world. We’ve all seen the billboard and television ads warnings haven’t we? Why is this sort of thing really necessary? Don’t people trust each other to be responsible? Do the random breath tests conducted by the police really even test our ability to operate machinery?

How to overcome fear (without being a hero)

Fear is like having poor eyesight

Have you ever started to sweat or get tunnel vision before speaking in public? Fear is innate. As humans we are all familiar with it, aren’t we? Some of us learn to transform it into useful energy and others more often fall victim to it. For example, when I was in high school I discovered I was short sighted and needed glasses. I had been surviving school by copying the notes from the person sitting next to me in the classroom. I was completely in the dark about my problem until I was asked to visit the school nurse. When I did the test I could hardly read the first letter on the chart… Then the nurse gave me the news. You need glasses! I was appalled. This did not fit with my self image at all! But I went along to the optometrist with my mum and was tested and sure enough I was quite severely short sighted. When I first put on my new glasses I remember I was standing in a pharmacy and was overcome by the sensory detail. So many sharp edges.