In part 4 of this eight part series we are talking about how to combine the problem, solution and your target profile to make your message leap off the page. When you have a broken arm you start to see others with broken arms In 1986, when I was 12 years old I was involved in an accident while riding my push bike home from the shops.  The last thing I remember was looking though a store for a birthday gift for a friend.  On my way home I took my usual shortcut through some bushland near a railway track and that was where I was told that I collided head on with an older teenager riding a motorbike. Fortunately I only suffered a concussion and broke my arm in a couple of places. The surgery involved fixing a loose bone back into place with two very expensive stainless steel screws that my surgeon told me were originally crafted to be used in space. Crafting a statement that gets the attention of your target profile involves putting together three specific components that we have spoken about in the previous 3 posts. Today we are going to cover what this statement … Read More