This is part 2 in a 8 part series about building products and services that people desperately want and buy.In the Harry Potter series there are many magical things  including wands and dragons.  One of Harry’s most valuable magical objects is an invisibility cloak that was left to him by his parents.  When he puts this cloak on he disappears from view and can walk around listening and watching the plans of his enemies.  It comes in handy to be invisible from your enemies.  But what about our friends?  Our prospects?  Too often we become invisible to our prospective customers.  It’s like we have forgotten to take off our cloak of invisibility when doing our market research. Hogwarts was cool but being invisible to your prospects is not. Today we are going to learn how to reveal ourselves to our prospects and why our solutions can become invisible.  First we’ll find out why sequence is so important to getting attention in the first place.  Then we’ll elaborate on the importance of our solution in providing a pressure relief valve and finally why being too clever when describing what we do is not the answer your prospects are looking for.  And … Read More


This is the first of an eight part series about what causes hesitation in the mind of your customers and what to do about it.  And our topic for today is the problem and how we use it to get the attention of our client. In grade seven I got in trouble with Mrs Lucas.  Hi Mrs Lucas! I know you didn’t mean to scare us 🙂 She was quite a frightening teacher to most of the kids in my class as far as I was concerned.  She had a habit of launching into long rants about how we had disappointed her and they could go on for what seemed like half the afternoon. On one particular day I had just taken responsibility for a projectile that had gone hopelessly astray and landed on her desk.  I knew that if I didn’t own up to it the entire class would get in trouble.  Even though no one else knew that I was the culprit I didn’t want to cause trouble for everyone else.  So when Mrs Lucas asked who did this, holding up an elastic band adorned with staples.  I put up my hand. But we all like to think … Read More