In part 4 of this eight part series we are talking about how to combine the problem, solution and your target profile to make your message leap off the page. When you have a broken arm you start to see others with broken arms In 1986, when I was 12 years old I was involved in an accident while riding my push bike home from the shops.  The last thing I remember was looking though a store for a birthday gift for a friend.  On my way home I took my usual shortcut through some bushland near a railway track and that was where I was told that I collided head on with an older teenager riding a motorbike. Fortunately I only suffered a concussion and broke my arm in a couple of places. The surgery involved fixing a loose bone back into place with two very expensive stainless steel screws that my surgeon told me were originally crafted to be used in space. Crafting a statement that gets the attention of your target profile involves putting together three specific components that we have spoken about in the previous 3 posts. Today we are going to cover what this statement … Read More


In 1995 I spent the northern summer at North Star Camp for Boys in Hayward, Wisconsin working as a camp counsellor.  One of the perks of my job was being able to try a lot of new things.  The shooting range which was being coordinated by an Israeli counsellor who had learnt to use a rifle during his compulsory military service.  He showed me how to operate the air rifle which was similar to one that I had used with my dad on the farm as a kid.  I lay down and aimed at my paper target.   When I was done my Israeli friend looked at my results and seemed impressed.  Even though I had not hit the bullseye all of my shots where in a very tight formation to one side of the bulls eye.  And then he said something interesting,  “That’s a good result, precision is more important than accuracy”.   Knowing exactly what your customer wants is the thing you need to find out most.  Today we are going to cover the target audience, the target profile and how to get clarity on the exact problems of one person. Your target audience is not a bulleye, instead focus … Read More